Yevpatoriya, Ukraine

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Evpatoria - a relatively small seaside town on the Crimean peninsula. Every year on vacation in Evpatoria comes to 1 million people. The city justified the status of the resort and is considered one of the best resorts of Crimea.

Evpatoria - seaside climate, mud and Balneotherapy, mostly children, the resort in the Crimea on the Black meters, 64 kilometers northwest from Simferopol. The city is located in the western Black Sea coast of Crimea on the shore of the shallow Kalamitsky bay. From the east to the outskirts of the city Evpatoria looms largest in the Crimea lake Sasyk-Sivash, from the west - the famous Moinakskoye lake. In addition, many are scattered around Evpatoria estuar...

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