Hotel Дубрава, Zheleznovodsk, Russia

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DUBRAVA located in downtown Zheleznovodsk, at the foot of the Iron in front of the spa park. On the territory of the sanatorium is well-room mineral water Slavianovskaya "," Smirnovskaya.
Capacity 500 seats. DUBRAVA is a single complex, consisting of two buildings, eleven dormitory building, equipped with elevators, and a two-story medical building connected by a warm transition. Nutrition chetyrehrazovoe, diet (11 species diets). Implemented system fractional power.

Rooms Дубрава, Zheleznovodsk, Russia

All rooms with private facilities (shower or bath, WC), with a balcony. On the floors are ironing room.

Single and double room (partly with a refrigerator, TV);

Double two-room Junior Suite "(entrance hall, living room, bedroom, refrigerator, TV);

Single-and double two-room suites (with a European style, hallway, living room, bedroom, refrigerator, TV).

Entertainment Дубрава, Zheleznovodsk, Russia

The club, concert hall, a library, ballroom, various outdoor sports grounds. Works office rolling.


The main medical profile DUBRAVA - kidney and urinary tract, diseases of the digestive and metabolic diseases. Additional medical profile - diseases of the nervous system
Children are accepted from 4 years. There is a pediatrician. On the basis of acts of sanatorium and resort rehabilitation camp, where during the academic year shall be consulted on major subjects of the school program.

DUBRAVA provides the following types of medical services: therapeutic soul (Charcot, circular, upward), underwater shower-massage, phototherapy, galvanogryazelechenie, massage, inhalation, massage, inductothermy, hypnotherapy, electric, aeroionofitolechenie, siphonage, gum irrigation with mineral water , paradontogryazi, inhalation, hydrotherapy, cabinets klizmennyh washing, UST-, UHF, SHF-therapy, psychotherapy, stomatology. Medical-diagnostic base: clinical-diagnostic laboratory, ECG, ultrasound, x-ray, functional diagnostics. In DUBRAVA working narrow specialists: a neurologist, urologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist; treatment based on BFO: total mud treatment. For an extra fee - prosthetic dentistry, acupuncture.

Characteristics of natural therapeutic factors: in the mud baths are used sulfate silt mud lake Tambukan with biological active properties and antibacterial activity. The territory DUBRAVA is well-room mineral water Slavianovskaya "," Smirnovskaya. Mineral springs of two types: carbonates, sulfate-bicarbonate-calcium-sodium sources of low salinity and cold chloride-bicarbonate-sodium sources. The climate of the mountain forest, alpine medium, moderately dry. Altitude 630 m.

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