Traditional cuisine Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway
In Oslo, as well as throughout Scandinavia, the license to sell alcoholic beverages and the closing time of night clubs depend on the age of visitors who go there to allow access. In the capital of the most popular clubs Smuget, Muddy Waters, Rock Bottom, Josefine Viseklubb, Blå, Gamle Logen, Rockfeller, Chateau Neuf, and Belleville. If Blå sounds to jazz, techno, pop music, the Muddy Waters - blues. Clubs Josefine Viseklubb and Smuget - this is art song and jazz.

Among the capital's restaurants in the center of social life - Theatercaffeen in Viennese style and antique Grand Cafe in the Grand Hotel. The first cafe like Knut Hamsun, here today often Princess Martha Louise. In the second - was a frequenter Henrik Ibsen. He even had a personal table. Another paper on the wall shows that in 1924 at the invitation of the Fridtjof Nansen here dined Alexandra Kollontai, the Ambassador of Russia. Cafe network Bagel & Juice are the most expensive.