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The local tradition is rather specific, representing a diverse mix of Indian, English, Spanish and African cuisine, based on extensive use of vegetables, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables and all the seasonings.

For breakfast, usually prepare an omelet with bacon, toast and a kind of local fruit "Akka", served with marinovonoy fish. Pork is popular in Creole, stewed chicken with rice, fried and baked bananas a special kind of beef with rice "Piccadilly", fried goat meat on the coals with beans, marinated and roasted meat on the coals with the title "Jerky" as well as traditional seafood which are first marinated and then cook for a thousand recipes. As a light snack are used all the same fruit, cakes with various fillings and quite cosmopolitan sandwiches.

Fruits are served almost any meal, are preparing a lot of other dishes, including interesting original fruit salads and cocktails, grilled pineapple and bananas in sauce, salads in svezherazrublennom coconuts, freshly made fruit juices, etc. You can try the exotic " oranik "," coal "," Akka ", papaya, avocado, star apple, sweet and sour" con ", guava, etc. They are trained and excellent beverages, among which the most popular" skaydzhus. "

A separate item is the pride of the country - the famous Jamaican rum, especially the brand "Appleton" and "Myers" and produced on its basis liqueurs. Also popular beer Red stripe. Coffee in Jamaica too is a matter of national pride. Best of its kind - "Blue Mountain", widely exported to other countries. Coffee is usually brewed very strong, sometimes adorned with rum and cardamom, and consume in large quantities and at any time of day. Tea is known here of any hot drink, so this term in the menu may be the infusion of a local grass, flower petals, etc. Black-tea drink is in English, profusely sdabrivaya "liquid" in our terms brew tea with milk.

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