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Border control. When crossing the border must have a passport with entry visa and the completed Clare liner, which contains: name, sex, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, address, residence address in the destination country, passport number , who issued, the duration of stay, purpose of travel, point of departure, flight number.

Customs. According to Irish customs regulations from January 1, 1993, in Ireland you can import a large quantity of goods is not taxable, provided that you will be able to convince the authorities that the goods are for your personal use. For example, for the guests of the EU countries traveling to EU countries are allowed permission to import into Ireland, with the previously paid duty, up to 50 liters of beer, 25 - liters of wine, 800 pcs. cigarettes. These new rules do not conflict with the general customs rules. Forbidden to import: weapons, drugs, poisons and psychotropic substances, videocassettes with horror films and pornography, as well as books and magazines of similar content. If you run a course of treatment and smuggling of medicines prescribed by your doctor, you must submit a certificate, so take this document from your doctor before departure.

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