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Bus service is well developed. All large, small towns and villages are linked to frequent bus service. Flights between major cities, usually comfortable buses equipped with air conditioning. However, the calendar items are available only at major bus stations in large cities. Very well developed system of administration of buses and mini buses as required by passengers.

Moving on Iran by car is no problem - a special permit it is not necessary. Network of roads - very extensive and quite good quality: closer to European than to Russia.

It should be borne in mind that Iran is large enough in size and difficult terrain in the country, and therefore, travel on the bus for long distances can be tedious. If your paragraph has a rail route, the preference is reasonable to give the train.

Railway communication in Iran rather limited because of steep terrain much of the country. However, travel by rail in some areas faster, more convenient and often cheaper than the bus and plane.

Iranian Railways have passenger service on the following areas:
  • Tabriz - Tehran - Mashad
  • Tehran - Ghom - Isfahan
  • Tehran - Ghom - Yazd - Kerman
  • Tehran - Ghom - Yazd - Bandar Abbas
  • Tehran - Ghom - Arak - Ahvaz - Abadan

    Iranian trains have three classes:

  • The first (four-sleeping compartments)
  • Second (soft seats, as the bus)
  • Third (hard seats)

    The fare is low, but there are surcharges on the train - express. On average, the cost of travel by train from Tehran to Isfahan is about $ 15 a car with seating and 10 - in the bedroom.

    Tickets can be purchased at any railway station.

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