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Tehran (Persian: تهران - Tehrân) - the capital of Iran from 1795. Title in Persian language means "the end of the road."
Population: over 10 million people.

Tehran - one of the largest in area cities in Asia. This - the administrative, economic, industrial and cultural center of Iran.

Tehran is located on the southern slope of the ridge Tochal (included in the system Elbrus), at an altitude of approximately 1210 meters above sea level, north-west of the formidable desert Dasht-e Kavir.

Most commercial and government buildings are located in the city center, residential neighborhoods is like trying to climb on the mountain slopes, which makes the city quite a recognizable face.

The city is so extensive that is hopelessly lost in the maze of its streets - too easy.
Iran consists of the old city, which was reconstructed in 1870-72 year, and the new city, which began to build in 30-ies. XX century.

In the urban structure is dominated by blocks of XIX-XX centuries., Cut a rectangular network of streets from the square, squares, fountains and built high-rise hotels, banks, office buildings, in the spirit of modern Western architecture, as well as villas - cottages and houses.
Due to strong seismic area homes built here, basically, no higher than three floors, so the guidelines in the movement of this strange metropolis are the mosques - the main ornament of Tehran.

The main attraction of the capital are museums, which is simply an incredible amount, and they all kept in perfect order and have a fantastic collection.
Hardly anywhere else in Central Asia can find such a splendor of historical and art collections, both in Tehran.
Of these the most interesting:
  • Golestan Palace (Rose Garden, 1749-1813 years, with a unique collection of works by famous Iranian artists and schedules XIX-XX centuries).
  • National (Archaeological) Museum of Iran (with a wonderful collection of pottery, stone sculptures and carvings samples dating back to V millennium BC. E.)
  • Obgina Museum (a museum of ancient architecture, glassware and ceramics)
  • Reza Abbasi Museum (with a collection of Islamic painting, pottery and jewelry)
  • Carpet Museum Ground (c world's largest collection of carpets)
  • The museum presents the presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Palace Mellat or "White Palace" of the former Iranian Shah Pahlavi
  • Museum Palace mother Shah

    Beauty Tehran mosque long proverbial, so with them you should definitely get to know (but do not forget about the norms of decency during the inspection of Islamic places of worship).
    Of these the most interesting:
  • Imam Mosque (Masjid - Imam, Masjid-e Shah or the Royal Mosque, 1809-1849 gg.)
  • Imam Khomeini
  • Motahari Mosque (Masjid-e-Sepa-Salar, XIX century.) - the largest (3700 sq. m)
  • "shaking minaret" Menard-e-Dzhunban (he really swings!)
  • Mosque Motahari

    Four of the most beautiful park in Tehran are located in the northern part of the city:
  • "coastal park" Dar-Abad
  • Ferdowsi park on the hillside Colac-Chal
  • Park Laleh ( "Tulip")
  • Park Mellat
  • Park Niavaran

    All metropolitan parks have a vast selection of various recreational and cultural facilities, playgrounds, sports facilities and open scenic areas, and that is important in a big city, many beautiful ponds and a beautiful floral composition.

    The best kind of entertainment in Tehran - at the city bazaar, so big that it actually is a separate city and one of the greatest oriental bazaars in the world. Here you can buy virtually any commodity or product, but in the absence of such a requirement just to get acquainted with the everyday life of Iranians.

    Good bookstore with a huge selection of affordable books can be found in front of Tehran University.

    In the outskirts of the capital costs to visit a grand mausoleum on the grave of Ayatollah Khomeini (the Iranians call it "Haram-e motahar" - "a place of rest") in the northwestern part of the cemetery Behesht-e Zahra, Demavend Volcano (the highest mountain in the country), 50 km north -east of the capital, the second largest city in the province - Karaj with his "pearl of the palace, and palace museum Morvand Morvarid (" Palace of deception "), the holy city of Rey (Shar-e Rey), the town Selcuk - birthplace of the famous Harun Al - Rashid, one of the Shiite religious centers - with the holy city of Qom, Hazrat-e Masumeh (the burial place Masumeh, sister of Imam Reza) and a mosque Zamkaran, numerous parks with swimming pools around the dams Amir-Kabir (Karaj), Latyan and Lahr, funicular Tochal-Telekabin (one of the longest in Asia), picturesque valleys Dzhahrud and Karaj (the local river - an excellent place for trout fishing) and wonderful ski resorts of Dizin, Shamshak and Ab-e Ali.

    Beach vacation on Kish Island
    Kish Island is the largest sea resort in the country and has long got its international status. Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 17 km from the coast of Iran, has well-developed network of hotels and even its own international airport.

    Kish is one of the most rapidly developing resorts in Asia and has Mošnov network of sports facilities, including: schools, diving and paragliding, horse club, bicycle track, a few dozen tennis courts and stadiums, and, of course, an extended chain of beaches with fine sand.


    Isfahan - one of the most picturesque cities in the country, large industrial and tourist center. The famous saying "Isfahan - half the world", which appeared in the XVI-th century to describe the magnificence of the city, is still quite relevant. Moreover, the architecture of the city simply superb, but the local climate is cool in comparison to other Iranian cities. The blue tiles lining of houses and majestic bridges is contrasted with multicolored bazaars and green gardens.

    In the city of about two hundred mosques, dating back 15 - 16 centuries. History lovers will be interested to see the numerous churches and palaces of Isfahan, which survived until our days, and whose architecture and decoration of the true cause admiration.

    In Isfahan, a large number of beautiful parks and gardens, forming a green crown "of the city, attracting equal attention to the guests, as historical monuments.


    Shiraz was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and the country's capital during the Zand dynasty (XVI-XVIII cc.), When it reached its peak. In many medieval literary works Shiraz - city of science, poetry, roses and wine.

    Today, this ancient city is the capital of Fars province, and represents a vast and picturesque locality with broad, tree-lined, streets, with many monuments, gardens and mosques.
    Parks with magnificent vegetation - is one of the attractions of Shiraz. Wide band stretching them across the city, providing shade and giving the streets a unique charm. Admirable botanical garden and greenhouse Gavam garden Buck-e Eram (Garden of Eden "), which contains the palace of Ghajar (XIX cent.) And a beautiful pool and luxurious gardens in a traditional Persian style - Naredzhestan, Golshan, Afifabad, Khalili and Buck-e Delgosha ( "quiet garden of the heart").

    On the road between BAM and the capital of the country lies the town of Kerman - the capital of the Iranian carpet, and one of the most attractive cities in the country. Founded in the III. Mr. e., the city has always been famous for its pistachio nuts, carpets, silk and weapons, which determined his fate.

    A large shopping center, at the end of XVIII century, it was almost destroyed by the earthquake and the troops Agha Mohammad Shah Qajar, but quickly regained its majesty, and our one of the richest cities in the country.

    400 km north - east of Shiraz, at a height of 1215 m above sea level, is the center of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, the dominant in Persia before the arrival of Islam - Yazd. The city is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited places of the planet. Surrounded by mountain ranges Shir-Kuh and a network of fortifications, the city only in 642 AD. e. was captured by the Arabs, but continued to remain an important point on the caravan routes from India to Central Asia. At the end of XX century. UNESCO has recognized the city of Yazd, with second-oldest municipal building in the world.
    The main attraction of Yazd - the city itself and its unique architecture. Local homes were built for centuries in the form of wind towers "Bad Girs with round domes and a kind of passive ventilation system, and also supplied with a gimmick to collect water, which is reflected in appearance of the city.

    And, of course, traditional bazaars, and their in Yazd no more nor less - 12, among which the most popular Bazaar-e Khan, jewelry bazaar and bazaar Panja Ali. Of Yazd, probably the best place in the country for the purchase of silk, cashmere, brocade and taffeta, and all kinds of textile products, which is not surprising - that weaving industry for many centuries, the city provides its prosperity.

    Ski Resorts in Iran

    C November to April in Iran may be responsible for all winter sports. For skiers and snowboarders, there are 3 specialized of resort:
  • Dizin
    Just north of Tehran, in two and a half hours away by car, in the highlands Alborts is the best Iranian resort Dizin (900-3550 m). Large height, rather steep slopes, significant elevation changes and fantastic snow makes the area very attractive for the fans, even aggressive skating. Slopes that do not always have time to handle the snowcat, at times reminiscent chegetskie hills second stage - cool, hard, knobby. In season (December to April), snow depth can be up to half - two feet on the middle slopes and up to three meters on the upper queues lifts. From the center of the village to an altitude of 3500 m are two-stage four-seater gondola road. Nearby there are still three long chair lifts.

  • Toshal
    Resort Toshal (1600-3730 m) is located only 60 kilometers from the Iranian capital, and is very popular among its residents, for which he earned the nickname "Home". Two peaks - Toshal (3964 m) and Shahnechin (3900 m) - merge into a huge mountain wall of an average height of about 3800 m.
    The resort has two main skiing areas: the first begins at a height of 2950 meters, the second - at 3850 meters season here lasts from November to April. Total of about 17 km of tracks, approximately equal proportions are hills in all categories of complexity. In Toshale is one of the longest gondola in the world (8 km), which transports skiers to the slopes of the vast mountainous area riding. The local snow - free rider's dream. Dry "powder" formed under the influence of moist air flows from the Caspian Sea. Dried cold winds, they fall as snow in the mountains.

  • Ab-e Ali
    Height of Mountains - 2400 - 2650 m, with 9 lifts.

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