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Health Service of the country based on a system of insurance and fee-based services. Outside the capital, the number of medical facilities is limited, and their level is low. There is a certain lack of basic medicines and modern equipment, so in case of a chronic illness, is to have the necessary minimum set of drugs.

For all foreign nationals entering the country on official business, ambulance and emergency medical treatment free of charge, a certain amount is paid only for inpatient care and medication. Further treatment must be paid in full (the prices are high enough), so we recommend extra insurance for the international sample.

No vaccinations required for entry into the territory of Iran is not required.

Limited risk of malaria, only in a mild form exists from June to September, north of the Zagros in the west and south-western regions of the country.

The risk of malaria in a more rigid form exists from March to November in the rural areas of Sistan-Baluchestan, Kerman and Hormozan.

Recommended immunization against cholera (the risk of infection in rural areas is high enough), typhoid, yellow fever, polio, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tuberculosis and tetanus.

There is a theoretical risk of contracting meningitis and rabies, but cases of detection of pathogens of these diseases are extremely rare and are mainly to the isolated inland areas.

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