Iceland Transport

Scandinavian Airlines "SAS" and Icelandic "Icelandair" operate flights to the capitals of the Scandinavian and several European countries. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam are convenient transfer point. Railways no.

Right-hand movement. In the winter period and the off-season conditions for driving a car fairly complex - many roads, particularly in the intermountain basins continuously sweeps the snow, and the constant wind and requires special attention in the open areas. Penalty for violation of traffic rules, and especially - for drink-driving, is large enough. Parking in Reykjavik is quite simple - in some multilevel parking lots, and lots of parking ground that the relatively small number of vehicles can park in almost anywhere and at any time of day. Pay for parking by the hour (in the parking lots - from 50 to 100 kroner, for parking - from 80 to 150 kronor) and is produced by special machines at the entrance or through the employee parking lot.

In Reykjavik extensive and modern network of bus routes connecting both parts of this, in general - a small, capital, and provides a convenient and inexpensive communication with the suburbs. 1 trip costs 200 CZK for adults and 50 CZK for the child and purchased from the driver. Discounted tickets for adults, adolescents 12-18 years and children are sold at the box office bus terminals. For a trip with changes required to purchase a transit ticket ( "skiptimidi", is valid within 35-40 minutes after your purchase) in the first bus in the course of the route. A convenient way fare is the "Reykjavik Tourist Card Myuzeum End" (1000 crowns for 1 day, 1500 kr - 2 days, 2000 Kč - for 3 days), which guarantees unlimited travel on public transport, as well as visits to 7 thermal pools, zoo, the Ice Palace or a family theme park, several museums, as well as discounts at some shops and restaurants. To travel on ring road encircling the island, you must purchase a special subscription (about $ 100), valid for unlimited transfers within the stadium (only in summer).

Coastal Shipping is used almost exclusively for cargo, but the lines between Reykjavik and Arkanesom, as well as the islands of the southern coast and the northern ports and Chrisi Grimsi, passenger transport rather intense. International shipping by "Fares humbled Line, which has a regular summer schedule applicable to all areas of the ports of Norway and the British Isles. Tickets to all flights purchased in the offices of companies in the ports or in specialized travel agency.

Works several public companies in taxi traffic, working around the clock. The fare for a taxi about 100 crowns per kilometer, at night and on holidays fare increases by 10-15%. Order a taxi by phone (toll free), specialized in parking or stopping on the street.