Iceland Traditional cuisine

In Iceland, represented different cuisines of the world - Italian, French, Oriental and others. With competition in the restaurant business in Iceland, the highest rating of a restaurant kitchen and service.

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is based, that is not surprising, for fish and seafood. In traditional formulations remained a lot of very peculiar, though not always edible for unaccustomed to such "delights" of the stomach, food, extant since the distant Middle Ages. Basis of the diet of fish, all sorts of preparations, especially cod, herring and salmon in all forms. Extremely popular famous marinated salmon, gravlax, marinated and spiced herring - "Sealed", a variety of sandwiches with fish, fried or dried fish "hardfiskur" and necessarily offered to tourists as the local exotic fish "gamy" hakarl or meat marine mammals.

Also, the depths of time "came to meat dishes, mostly - lamb. In this traditional recipes is also very old, and therefore quite unusual. The most exotic whole pickled or boiled sheep's head "svid" chopped sheep's liver "slatur" fried "to the coals" meat "bleykya", a sort of lamb shish kebab, smoked lamb "hangikot" and others. The most frequently used dairy dish - "Skiri" resembling yogurt and cottage cheese together. Recently, more common variety of dishes from vegetables, previously rare in the diet of Icelanders.

Of the most popular coffee drinks. Unlike most of the Scandinavian countries beer is not so much extended (mostly due to its relatively high price). Traditional Icelandic drink is considered "brennivin" (a cross between vodka and whiskey), but everywhere a large selection of European spirits and wines.