Iceland Population

290.570 people. Ethnic composition is homogeneous - about 99% of the total population is Icelandic. They live as persons of foreign origin - mainly Danes, Germans and Norwegians. Over 70% of the population lives in cities. The big one: Reykjavik (81.5 ths., 40% of the total population of Iceland), Kópavogur (11.2 ths.), Akureyri (10.7 thousand). The density of population in Iceland is the smallest in Europe and an average of 2.7 inhabitants per 1 km2. Almost 4 / 5 of the country are uninhabited, the population is mainly concentrated on the narrow coast, in the valleys and lowlands of the south and south-west. Life expectancy for men is 74, and women - 80 years, which is one of the highest in the world.