Iceland Description

Iceland - a country that is able to charm the most experienced traveler. Icelanders say that "if you do not see Iceland - you do not see anything." Journey to Iceland will open for you the world in which people lived and live in a pristine, northern nature.

Iceland - the second largest island in Europe, which is located in the North Atlantic. With a length from west to east 483 kilometers. and from north to south - 306 km. In 865 the Norwegian viking Flouki Vilgeldarsson, rising to one of the mountains near the northern coast of the Open that he and his companions of the island, saw the fjord, scored an iceberg, and called the new country of Iceland (Ice countries). The name stuck and for the State, arose on the island, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Greenland Sea. The island Iceland - 103000 km 2. Iceland's capital Reykjavik.