Description Zaafarana, Egypt

Zaafarana, Egypt
Not far from Hurghada on the Red Sea coast is a charming town of El Gouna. It is not like other resorts in Egypt. It is called the "Venice of the Red Sea." There are no high-rise hotels, instead of them - comfortable bungalows on the islands, which are connected by bridges and crossings. Ply through the small boats that give El Gouna is similarities with Venice.

Resort El Gouna is located 20 kilometers north of Hurghada.

El Gouna is the second most beautiful resort after the Sharm el-Sheikh. This place has appeared recently, but has already managed to win the love of people from around the world. You will not see this bus on the busy streets - they are simply not. The whole town is covered with a network of artificial canals, dug recently. Reach the sea, or simply traveling to the town on boats.

Hotels in El Gouna pleased with their excellent service and maintenance. Fans of water sports will appreciate Diving El Gouna. Immerse yourself in the endless expanses of the Red Sea and look at the rich fauna of this water world. Enthusiastic travelers, charmed unusual and unique El Gouna, eager to come here again and again.


Zaafarana, Egypt