Description Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco, Cuba
Cayo Coco - carefully protected nature reserve and the fourth largest island of Cuba. The beaches here stretch over 26 km. Before the advent of tourism infrastructure Cayo Coco was known, mainly due to excellent pineapples grown here. This is the most isolated from civilization resort in Cuba. White sandy beaches, majestic palm trees, stretching into the sky, the wilderness south of vegetation, walk freely flamingos - so the island looks Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco is located in 27 kilometers to the north of the main island of Cuba, with which it is connected by a dam.

Name of the island has nothing to do with coconuts. It comes from the Cuban names ibis - Coco - birds, which were worshiped in ancient Egypt. However, more and more popular on the island is another bird, which in the 70 years was on the verge of extinction.

The population of pink flamingos on the island has about 30 000 individuals. There is nothing more beautiful than a flock of flamingos, a pink cloud rising above the mirrored waters of the ocean. No wonder one of the most beautiful beaches on the island is called "beach flamingo.

On this island, as on Cayo Largo, nature is preserved in its pristine form. There are many beaches stretching to the north, among them, secure a curved line of the coast of La Hawley, Los Flamenkos and Las Colorados. Cayo Coco - a real tropical island and a guarded nature reserve island, stunning for its beauty and exoticism.

Currently, the Government of Cuba has set itself the task of turning the island's main tourist center of the country. To this end, has already built an international airport.

The island was created just for those who are tired of the fuss and seeks solitude. Here you can relax and enjoy nature. Whole northern part occupied by low resort complexes. Island, as it were divided into two small town. First - Trip (a huge complex), a beach which is 2 km. Second - Sol Melia (there are several hotels). Beaches - is the main attraction of the island. They are great, wonderful, amazing, staggering.

Neither the incomparable pleasure - lie on the white, tender as silk, sand, admire the emerald satin water and from time to time to splash in the warm ocean. The main attractions here are parasailing and scuba diving.

You can visit the neighboring island of Cayo Guillermo, which is just half an hour drive from Cayo Coco. At your service discos, restaurants, even a circus and the park (similar to Disneyland). Learn to dance salsa, visit the beach bar, pereprobuyte all exotic cocktails and fruit.

Islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo became famous by Ernest Hemingway's novel "Islands in the Ocean", tells of how one resident of Cuba for two years to defend their country against foreign invasion in his boat. Just half an hour the way one island to another, and you can appreciate the pristine beauty of Cayo Guillermo.


Cayo Coco, Cuba